This beautiful, feminine top features a large, bold tie-up front knot, providing a distinctive, individual look while allowing multiple levels of support. Entirely reversible, this classy, ribbed staple transforms into a beautiful, contrasting print, matching multiple separates, providing a multitude of stunning, eye-catching sets.

  • MOANA's specialty Ribbed fabric 
  • Two bikinis in one
  • Available in three colours
  • Reversing into a vibrant pattern
  • Full coverage, supportive top
  • Unique, front-knot design
  • Italian lycra
  • Seamless and reversible
  • Model wears a Small
  • Please note; prints may vary slightly

Made and designed by Moana Bikini for the carefree, active girl.

Print designs are © Moana Lifestyle Pty Ltd

Fabric Care

  • Hand wash me with a mild detergent in cold water only
  • I like my privacy so hand washing is my favourite!
  • Hang dry me in the shade, please
  • Do not tumble dry me, dry clean me, iron or use bleach on me. This can give me a headache!
  • Do not leave me rolled up wet. I don’t want to catch a cold!
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces as it can cause pulling of my pretty fabric. Ouch!
  • High amounts of chlorine can ruin me, make sure to wash me immediately after use. Please and thank you!
  • Certain tanning oils, sunscreens, and fake tan may stain or damage me and I always love to look my best!

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